Ian harked back to my words naming your work at ICA, way back when.
And so I wondered if, 28th July, you'd care to REALLY do something together for Marcel's birthday. Or just take something and run in two directions. Like a maypole.
I think this will be the last celebration (123, "as good as it gets"). After a girl recent seemed to be trying to seduce me by saying she was a "duchampian". Or was it "I am duchampian"? Shivers.

Have a think... get back

honky cat


ps. the subject typo was not intentional. but fucking good.


Dear Three,

Not to break your stride Chris, but I really think she meant that reading Alain is a boring experience. He's obviously not a boring man.

Been thinking... and re-reading yr last question – "what's the set-up this year?"...
for some reason (age?) the set-ups have wanted to become more and more hermetic. Last year was a mute birthday card, an object as (instruction to an) event; and this year, my feeling is that I'd simply like to have a dinner with you. Could be boring, though.
Though if it was lunch on a terrace in Blainville I could imagine we'd be quite entertained.

Thinking back to your show, I can't see how you can even think of putting him to bed, once and for all. And if so, perhaps that should be arranged for October.

[who's Jonathan?]






Quite, except that Henri is a red herring, as far as I can see.

Though as I don't have a driving license, I obviously have little say in this,
we'd have to stay the night if we went by train (boat leaves Newhaven 10am, arr Dieppe 15.30... we'd never get back to Dieppe by 18.30). If yous have car/ petrol, I'll get the boat.

Can y'all make it?