I shall talk of things which are sometimes accidentally true (Screensaver for Francis Alys)

Dear Francis

We are an artist collective from London called The Hut Project. We are writing to invite your involvement in a new work we're making.

In the last year we've been working on a series called 'PiggyBacking', in which we appropriate the conceptual framework of group exhibitions as 'material' for our own artworks-cum-exhibitions. For the fourth piece in the series we want to respond to the exhibition I'm not here. An exhibition without Francis Alys at de Appel, Amsterdam.

We've written a short text below that gives more background to our proposed response, but in brief: we want this piece to be an object with its own internal 'curatorial' structure, an object that implicates both our own production and yours. To this end we have made a screensaver from a short film that was accidentally produced during the production of another work of ours, and would like to display it on a redundant personal computer belonging to you. So our question to you is: do you have an old personal computer, and if so, would you consider gifting it to us to become part of the material for this work?

We look forward to hearing from you about this, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You can find out more about our work at www.limoncellogallery.co.uk and www.thehutproject.co.uk.

With thanks for taking the time to read this, and best wishes.

Chris, Ian and Alec

(The Hut Project)