Work No.95

SEVERAL Printsellers who have of late made their chief Gain by unjustly pyrating the Inventions and Designs of ingenious Artists, whereby they have robb'd them of the Benefit of their Labours, being now prohibited such scandalous Practices from the 24th Day of June next, by an Act of Parliament pass'd the last Session, intitled, An Act for the Encouragement of the Arts of Designing, Engraving, Etching, &c. have resolved notwithstanding to continue their injurious Proceedings at least till that Time, and have in a clandestine Manner procured mean and necessitous Persons to come to Mr. William Hogarth's House, under Pretence of seeing his Rake's Progress, in order to pyrate the same, and publish base Prints thereof before the Act commences, and even before Mr. Hogarth himself can publish the true ones. This behaviour, and Men who are capable of a Practice so repugnant to Honesty and destructive of Property, are humbly submitted to the Judgement of the Publick, on whose Justice the Person injured relies.