Nouvelle Vogue

Hi Charlie

So we have a thought of what we'd like to do for your Mysterious Cults Radio Show. Do you know Godard's 1990 film Nouvelle Vague? As it happens we've never seen it, but we know of it because ECM subsequently released a CD set of the soundtrack, in 1997. On its premiere at Cannes Godard said of the film, via an analogy with tennis, "There is an exchange. We can shoot and, being shot, not die. There is a shooting script in tennis. There is a rhythm and a cadence. It is very musical.There is a silent dialogue. If you see a Guitry film without the sound, it will be the same. My film without the sound will be improved. However, if you 'see' the soundtrack without the images, it will have an even greater impact."

So, we were thinking we'd like to create a 'blind' screening of Nouvelle Vague. In the exhibition space we would screen the original French version of the film, from beginning to end. This screening should be open to the public. The sound to the film, however, would not be played in the space but broadcast simultaneously over the radio, mixed with the ambient sound of the room. The only way to experience the film visually, therefore, will be to give up its soundtrack, and the only way to hear the soundtrack will be to excise the image.

The film lasts 86 minutes, do you think you can find a slot for this?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.