As far as we know, Duchamp never pissed in the urinal...


Thank you so so much for trekking out to the Saxy wilds for our wedding. We were touched you all came - especially from Glasgow and especially with such a massive f-ing dingy. Ol and I have been practicing row row row your boat a lot. She's pretty good. Am thinking ball pool while it's parked in our house.

Of course didn't get nearly enough time to talk to anyone (and you Chris were fairly monosyllabic for most of the night) but will catch up with ye soon.
Alec - not cool punching MR in the face and chipping his tooth but good wedding story so thanks both for your parts. If he can't get it on NHS you have to pay him.
Chris - saw far too much of your arse. When you lose weight get a new hole punched in your belt for God's sake.
Ian - the most civilised - well done!

No... was super lovely you all came and you really have provided the best memories - the dingy, the punching, the stealing booze, the calls form MR lost and helpless in the hotel, and the sight of Chris sitting on a chair filming while Felix lap-danced for him holding two wine glasses over his eyes. Nice.

My wedding fatigue hangover is only just clearing - as the cake and cheese are slowly being worked through...

MrsRMG, Ryan & Olive x x x