Machine Gun Corridor

Showing from 9th April - 15th May at BolteLang, Zurich.

‘Machine Gun Corridor’ is a film made in the corridor by our studio. Late last year we spent an evening rearranging objects that had been lying outside the other studio artists' doors. Adding and subtracting until we had a coherent physical and visual assemblage, the objects constructed and limited our activity around the space, and guided our line of sight down the corridor. The film was made by walking down the corridor with a camera passing through and around the objects, while a soundtrack played from inside the studio. It was shot in a single take and is unedited. The 'installation' was left behind for the other occupants of the studio building to find when they came in the next day – a gift of sorts. When we came back a few days later everything had been returned to its original position as if nothing had ever happened, no-one mentioned a thing. The film is now installed in the analogous space of The BolteLang Corridor, inviting the viewer to recreate the event it documents.