REGIFT (but Emily loved him)

The second work in the Piggy-Backing Series, REGIFT was made in response to an exhibition of the same name at the Swiss Institute in New York, curated by John Miller. It was first shown as part of a two-person exhibition at The Mews Project Space in London.

‘REGIFT (but Emily loved him)’, 2009, Mirror Coated ‘Bagpuss’ Soft Toy, 45x20x15cm; Laquered Shelf, Dimensions Variable

‘Untitled (Document Prior to Posting of ‘Untitled (Stamped and Addressed Manila Envelope Filled with Stuffing from 'Bagpuss' Soft Toy, Posted to Post- methodists, Lincoln as Part of The Broadcaster Project, and Documented as Part of the Exhibition 'REGIFT (but Emily loved him)' at The Mews Project Space, London, 11th July 2009)’, 2009, A5 Manila Envelope, Stuffing)’, 2009, C-print, Coloured Frame, 30x21cm

‘Untitled (Foam Remaining from Packing Crate Gifted to the Artists by an Artist Friend After Resizing to Hold ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’, 2009)’, 2009, Packing Foam, Dimensions Variable

‘Portuguese Mahogany (Gift Presented to the Artists by Co-Director of The Mews Project Space in Exchange for an Artwork, Part Consumed and Stripped)’, 2009, Stripped Glass Bottle, Cherry Liqueur, Mirror Shelf, 14x31x12cm

‘Untitled (Portrait of the Artists Consuming Cherry Liqueur, to be Gifted to Co- Director of The Mews Project Space at the Close of Exhibition)’, 2009, Rolled C-type Print, 30x4x4cm

The Mews Project Space
Swiss Institute Contemporary Art

REGIFT (but Emily loved him)

...has subsequently been refashioned as
a single object, inside the redundant
acrylic cube from Ventriloquist.