It's Not You, It's Me

For a solo exhibtion at BolteLang, Zurich, we asked every artist at Limoncello to gift us a work, to be re-authored, solely and permanantly, as a single work by The Hut Project. The exibition was framed by William Hogarth's 'Time Smoking a Picture', and whipped by Giorgio Sadotti.

. . .

hey giorgio,

sorry we didn't get a chance to hook up properly over the weekend. saturday was pretty much a wash out for us really (we'll never learn!) and with the few hours we had on sunday we just wanted to check out the other side of town. went to the lake, had a look at the le corbusier house (interesting, the arch modernist does post modern too!). on returning to the site of the crime (the gallery) on sunday it was decided that for us the work becomes more interesting when viewed from the door well of our bit of the space, so the space will be roped off for the rest of the show, so as to become more of an 'image' as a whole as opposed to the individual elements. should get some of the images in the next few days and will also look through the video footage and get that to you as soon as i get a chance.

thanks again for your time on this and hope that our work gave your piece what was needed

speak soon


'It's Not You, It's Me', a text by Rebecca May Marston