It's Not Me, It's You

For our first solo exhibiton at Limoncello, London, we devised a system to rate the cultural value of an artist based on the entries on their CV, and applied it to every artist in the gallery's stable, including ourselves. We asked the gallery Director to tell us what the average price of a Hut Project work would be, and we factored our cultural score up until we reached this value. Using the same factor we scaled up the score of the other 8 artists, generating a comparative scale of financial values for every artist represented by Limoncello. We then spent the financial difference between ourselves and each of the artists on a material that for us represents the 'conceptual difference' between our work and theirs. So our cultural assessments became finanial values which became aesthetic jusdgements in the form of objects. A machine to make a show with. Each work in the show is sold for its material value + The Hut Project's price, which of course also equals the price of the artist it represents.

Installation view showing ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Vanessa Billy’, 2008
10 Litres of Matt Emulsion in ‘Limoncello Green’
Ed 1/9

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Lucy Clout’, 2008
‘/21’ Rubber Stamp and Ink Pad
Ed 1/21

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Sean Edwards’, 2008
4128 Rolls of Buff Packing Tape

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Josephine Flynn’, 2008
18Ct Gold

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Tom Gidley’, 2008
Tom Gidley, ‘Self Portrait Without Thinking’, 2008, Oil on Canvas, H40cm x W30cm

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Matthew Harrison’, 2008
27 Books: ‘Marcel Duchamp’ by Janis Mink, Taschen, 2006

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Gemma Holt’, 2008
Off-cuts from 50 Reams of G5 Paper

‘It’s Not Me, It’s You: Giorgio Sadotti’, 2008
Alfred Johansen, ‘Untitled’, 1966, 2 Silver Gelatin Prints, 1 Framed Letter
(Only 1 Silver Gelatin Print and FramedLetter shown)
Courtesy of The Alfred Johansen Estate and Studio Elmgreen & Dragset