Here The Hut Project sought to question the value and viability of the degree show as a model for the exhibition of art, aiming to explore the role of the exhibition for both its participants and audience. The structure itself (which had been transported from campus) remained closed on the opening evening of the show, while the sounds of its construction played from within, denying the audience the true function of the project (i.e. as a space rather than an object), while deliberately provoking the audience's expectations of a 'sculptural' work. During the public period of the degree show the structure was opened up to accommodate a programme of events - designed to discuss the theme of collaboration within artistic practice. This programme included guided tours of the degree show, a publication (Two Hundred Pounds of Thought), workshops on how to build FM radio transmitters, presentations by established artists, as well as two day residencies by students from various London universities. The resulting discussions centred on the perceived failure in general of the institution to provide an adequate context for the development of an art practice, and in particular the limitations of the whole degree show enterprise.

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